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 This is to certify that don't write yourself off in life, because you know what? life sometimes is so ironic. My life has change

 from 0% to 100% something unexpected turn around my life when I met someone from US. My job that time was a tour 

 guide taking people from various places.  When I met this people from the airport, I didn't know that was the beginning of

 my new turnaround . From the six people that I picked up one of them was PAULA HAMMACK  a very kind old granny . She

 was having a golden heart to help people, based on our conversation during our trip to the lodge in Sabi Sand, she was

 impressed with my knowledge of so many things we talked about. Since from that day she help me to build my life up,

 helped me in a way that even today I don't believe that this is true she has made my dream became true. lm living the

 dream today, proud father of my family.

 This are some of the things that she helped me to achieve in life  a beautiful house, borehole to drill water, and a mini bus, 

 So I want to say thank you PAULA and the Paula HAMMACK foundation.

​                                                                                                                            Jones Ngobeni

Individual Sponsorships

~ the stories of some of the people the foundation has helped ~

Our Founder met Jones Ngobeni when he was driving her group out to Safari in South Africa.

During the conversation about his life, he made the comment "I'm 54yrs. old, and I've been hungry for 54 years." The foundation installed a well so his family could raise food on his property. The foundation purchased a van for him when he lost his job as a driver so he could continue to make an income and support his extended family. When termites caused the collapse of his roof, we paid for the construction of a new home. The foundation also sent his daughter Basani to university for 4yrs where she graduated with distinction in 5 out of 6 classes. 

is being reduced, people are also learning how to prevent diseases like diarrhea through proper hand washing. Generally, the state of people in the community is improved and most of them are approaching to living a heathy life. Women are coming to deliver in the health facility with the help of a skilled birth attendant hence reducing complications.

Mary shared a small tin shed with her five children, wondering when her husband would come home.

When he did, he was often drunk and only returned to collect any money they might have, abuse her, and disappear yet again  until the cash and the liquor ran out. We moved her to an apartment where she wouldn't be found, put her children into school and are in the process of building her a new home of her own.

Meet Elizabeth Nanteya Rotiken

- better known as Eliza.

She ran away from home to avoid an impending arranged marriage with a much older man. Referred to the Foundation for financial help to attend university, we originally turned her down because of a lack of funding. She applied again and pled her case so well we agreed to fund her through four years of University. Now in her 2nd year she is a very serious student and doing exceptionally well. She has reunited with her parents and is the first person in her family to go to University, making them extremely proud.

Elizabeth Dapash writes;
... the foundation supported me through my nursing school by paying my school fees and they have also built a health facility with staff housing in my community " NAISHORUA MEDICAL CLINIC". Three years ago there were no health facilities in this community and people had to travel for 86km to seek health services. There were increased fetal and maternal mortality rates. Through the facility, medical services are now accessible to the community and the death rate has reduced in a high percentage. The facility has also created employment for the people in the community, early and teenage pregnancies are being reduced, through education unhealthy cultural practices like female genital mutilation