With enrollments increasing every year and classrooms stuffed so full there were 3 students at every desk and not enough supplies, teachers or toilets, each addition leads to increased needs.

A new well was needed as students were having to spend a half day walking to carry water back to the school. Not enough beds (or even enough bedding!) meant the purchase of mattresses and then the building of new dorms for an expanding student body. 

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Endoinyo Erinka is a public primary school in Narok South in the Rift Valley. The pupil to classroom ratio in this school is 52:1 and the pupil to toilet ratio is 83.2:1. There are total 8 classrooms, 3 boys toilets, 2 girls toilets and 2 teachers toilets. The total numbers of students enrolled in this school are 416.

Since our beginning with this school, the Foundation has built four new teacher housing units, four new kindergarten classrooms, seven new general classrooms, new latrines, two dorms which house 150 students, and a new, deeper well after theirs ran dry. We've provided dozens of new desks, sixteen computers, 700 workbooks and pens annually, and cover tuition costs every year for 97 K-8th grade students.

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Old information in need of updating!

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Some of the students at Endoinyo Erinka - the first school the Foundation started supporting.