Five water wells installed- two at the remote community of Endoinyo Erinka, including one at the school with over 650 students and which was in danger of being shut down as its previous well had gone dry.  The main well has additional lines run from it to benefit two different areas, and it has water troughs run from it in two sizes, one for the cows and a lower one for the sheep and goats. Also see “clinic” below.

We have built additional classrooms (3) at the school to prevent overcrowding.

We built 6 units of additional teacher housing as it was not possible to hire the teachers needed previously when there was nowhere to house them.

We built an additional 8 latrines to accommodate the growth in staff and students.

We provided mattresses for the dormitories where the boarders sleep.

We purchased cows so that fresh milk would be available for the children and teachers 

We pay for 65 children to attend school where the parents do not have the funds to send them.

We purchased 16 computers, one for each teacher to assist with managing core school work and each individual childs school work.

The local government built a computer room but failed to provide desks , solar panels, chairs, which our Foundation subsequently provided.

We purchased 4 brick making machines that can make 150+ bricks a day each so that the school can be prepared for future classroom and housing needs with ready bricks.  The school will also be able to sell additional bricks with income to benefit the working of the school.

Not as a necessity but as something to keep the students occupied we provided a playground with multiple swings, slides, trampolines, roundabouts etc.

In addition to the school projects listed above our Foundation has also:

Provided housing, school fees, a vehicle and other help as needed to an out of work family in Nairobi.

Built 3 apartment buildings – two in the town of Narok and one in the outskirts of Nairobi with the rental income eventually taking over payment of school fees and other urgently needed items in the communities not served by the government.

We have built 2 reservoirs in the communities of Narasha and Oleserre and the third one in Endoinyo Erinka will be started very shortly.  These reservoirs will be used to provide water for sprinklers that will be used to assist in the growth of Lucerne (known in the west of Alfalfa) and grass and vegetables to keep the cow and humans fed. 

We have built water catchment systems in several locations to catch the rain water for those who otherwise would have none.

We provide 100% of the support needed for a woman and her five children who were forced to flee from her physically abusive and drunken husband.  We found her a place to live, got her oldest three children in boarding school which the Foundation pays for, and expect to have to provide for her until the children are all out of school.

We have provided hundreds of life straws to all of these people and locations. These life straws totally clean dirty water enabling people to drink fresh sweet tasting water without the need for them to walk miles to collect firewood to boil water to make it drinkable, and then have to wait a long time for the water to cool enough to drink. 

The latest completion is the medical clinic and doctor housing for two doctors.  The clinic has a male wing, and a female wing and a full maternity wing.  To meet government standards we had to include a septic tank, an incinerator, a flush toilet and a shower - all of which have been done.  We also had to provide all beds, all medical equipment that the clinic needs because again, the government appears not to care. The doctor housing is required as regulations (from a government which provided NOTHING for this clinic but rules) require a doctor to be in attendance for the first year to assist the community nurse who will be there full time.   The doctor housing has two, larger than normal for this area, housing units as well as a bathroom.

The Foundation paid for the four year nursing school in Nairobi and living quarters for the young woman who has now graduated and will become the community nurse serving her community.

We have purchased three vehicles to assist the various communities we work with.  One of them will be for the use of the Community nurse so she can visit people who are not able to get to the clinic. The other two have multiples uses – leasing out as a safari vehicle to make money for the communities, and using them for transportation to the nearest town for supplies.

The Foundation has purchased two motorcycles.  One is for the Vice Principal at the local school who was moved and been made principal at further away school. Without transportation he would have had untenable choices to move his family or reside away from home. The other  motorbike similarly was used to provide transportation to University for a young man for whom the Foundation is paying his university costs. 

The Foundation has purchased 10 cows for the community and is now purchasing a different breed of cow that produces 8 times more milk than the present cows, and so reduces the amount of scarce Pasteur land/grass that has been needed.  We are pushing for all maasai in Kenya to understand that the pressure on the land that is dire right now, can be reduced if the breed of cow is changed to this new one providing much more milk, needing less cows and therefore less grass.  We are also pushing for the elimination of sheep and substituting them with goats because when sheep eat grass they remove the roots so no further grass grows. That is not the case with goats.

The Foundation pays for a young girl who was born a deaf mute and hidden away by her parents, to go to a special school to learn sign language and she has flourished there.  Her parents are also provided with funds to visit her once a month. 

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