Kenya's PROJECTS - Completed and ongoing



*Funding 99 children to primary school
*Paying for 4 students to attend University
*Sponsors funding 6 students in a boarding High School
*We purchased 16 computers and outfitted a computer room at the larger of the schools we support
*Completed construction of a brand new primary school – Sterling Academy – in the community of Narasha.
*Built 3 additional classrooms, teacher housing and toilet facilities at Endoinyo Erinka
*Bought cows for the school to provide milk for teachers and students. And put in a water system and garden to grow vegetables for the students and teachers.
*Purchased brick making machines for the school so they can prepare a supply for the next time more buildings are needed.
*Each year we purchase 700 exercise books and pens for the students who otherwise would not have any.
*Put in a water well at the school as the prior one ran dry and the school would have had to shut down
*Purchased mattresses for the bunk beds in the dorms as students were sleeping on metal springs.


*We have installed 6 water wells in this exceedingly dry area and the effects are stunning
*We have built troughs for the cows to be able to drink water, and lower troughs so that the sheep and goats can also access water
*We have dug out and built, with electric fence perimeters, three reservoirs. These are being used to provide water to grow crops with great results.
*We have installed 8 water catchment systems at communities where there was no water. These are slanted metal roofs that cause rain water to run off into 10,000 liter tanks and then we install solar panels to allow pumps to pump water to where it’s needed.
*We have provided thousands of life straws so that people no longer need to cut down trees to build fires to boil water – life straws will purify 4000 liters of water, even from the dirtiest looking rivers.

Misc Projects

*We have completed building 4 apartment buildings and the income

from those is being used almost exclusively for school fees and

uniforms and books, medical care and anything else that is considered

to be dire.
*We built a clinic that was opened in June 2017 and we now need

to expand on it as the space designated for non-maternity patients

is being used by maternity patients. An additional building is needed

for non-maternity women, and ailing men.

*We purchased 7 vehicles of varying types used to transport patients

to hospitals, to start safari businesses to benefit the communities,

to start a transport business to allow a large family to become self sufficient, to allow one person to get to the school where he teaches daily without having to move and leave his young family alone
*we paid for the hospital care for a lady who died and where the hospital refused to allow her body to be taken for burial until the bill was paid
*we purchased a home and a plot of land for a family on the outskirts of Nairobi and the head of the family will now become a farmer using the plot, to be able to support his family on his own
*We saved an abused woman and her 5 children from her alcoholic husband and put all five children in a boarding school, and pay for a rental unit for the mother, hidden from where her husband can find her

Ongoing needs

Continued funding for primary school, high school, university as the government pays for nothing other than teacher salaries
Continuing to put in water catchment systems, and where possible water wells as the need is never ending
Continuing to expand the areas where we can provide water to grow crops and especially vegetables – for those who otherwise live on a meager diet
Continuing to provide clinics and medical care in the remote areas where we primarily provide services
Continue to construct apartment buildings for self-sufficiency of school fees
Continue to assist in helping with replacing the current breed of cow with a better one that provides 8 times more milk, and therefore needs less grass to eat – we provide tons of hay each year to get the cows through the ongoing drought