The sterling L. Hammack foundation's mission is to provide the basics of human life and other necessary items, such as health care, potable water, energy and education, to underprivileged people primarily in sub-saharan Africa but occasionally in other countries of Asia, India and the United States.

Our Mission is broad, but primarily encompasses the following goals:


  • Health Care:  To provide health care as needed when there is no government or private health care to pay for necessary or life saving treatment;

  • Education:  to help provide education from the earliest age to the end of University when government requires education but provides no funding or inadequate funding to those who need it;

  • Drinking Water:  to provide water in areas where there is no water available. And to then provide means to boil the water to make it safe to drink;

  • Light & Heat:  to provide light and/or heat in areas where it is not available and where it is necessary for humans to be able to live;

  •  Nutrition:  to provide supplemental foods of a nourishing nature where there is only minimal food available presently;

  • Housing:  to provide adequate housing where there is none now;

  • Local Businesses:  to enable those who are qualified to set up their own businesses in order that they become self sufficient with no need of ongoing assistance.

Mission Statement