The clinic we have built in this remote area and - not shown - next to it is the housing constructed for two doctors to attend to the patients.

This is a reservoir similar to ones the Foundation is building --

the water will be used exclusively for growing alfalfa for cattle,

and vegetables for the human population.

One of the pieces of equipment needed to drill boreholes for the water wells  - we often go down 200 meters (650 feet) or more to reach water.

A water tank with solar panels above it to generate power - built high to protect it from elephants.

Hay provided to the school and many other locations to keep the cows alive during the drought

One of the many water drums provided by the Foundation to remote outlying areas where wells have gone dry because of continued drought.

The brick making machines we purchased for the school so they can stock bricks for additional classrooms, latrines and teacher housing units needed as the school continues to grow.

Desks provided by the Foundation

The deaf and mute young girl for whom we found a special school to teach her sign language to substantially improve her life. We also

                                                                  pay for her parents to travel the

                                                                        long distance to visit her

                                                                           once a month.

We constructed three additional classrooms at the school to ease serious over crowding.

One of the three apartment buildings constructed. Rental income from it will provide continuing funds to cover school fees as well as costs for food, medical, and emergency transportation for the remote communities we assist.

Community members in Oleserre for whom we provided a water hole and trough when they were totally without water.

One of the troughs we built in this very arid area, connected to a well we drilled earlier, to provide water for the cows.

inside the courtyard of 'The Hammacks" during construction

Some of the children at the school we assist and also showing the playground equipment purchased - they had never seen playground equipment and while it was bought privately and not through the Foundation, I am showing it in picture because of its importance to

                                                                                                        the happiness

                                                                                                        of the



                                                                                                       especially the

                                                                                                      boarders at

                                                                                                      the school.

This is an almost constructed water catchment system - we will be putting in about one a month at various communities to catch the rain water which generally comes in April and May each year.

One of the trucks carrying the water tanks on a long trip from town to the communities where we are installing them.

Students happily showing off some of the 700 exercise books and pens we provide every year since the government does not!!

These are people of the Samburu tribe after being given the life straws we distribute. These are life saving filters that purify water but also eliminate the need for the tribes to go into hostile animal territory to collect firewood to boil water.

Some of the 16 computers (one per teacher) we provided

to the 650 student school at Endoinyo Erinka.