As with any of our continuing or future projects -- If you see something that is of particular interest or you want to help with specific project, just let us know at your time of donation that you would like your funds "directed" to that project. Always, 100% of donations go directly to fund these projects, nothing is ever taken out for salaries, overhead, costs, etc.


Our goals in Kenya  are many but the first one is to try to install one water catchment system each month. These are basically slightly tilted tin roofs built on metal “stilts” above the ground directing rain through gutters and into 8,000-10,000 liter tanks for storage. This provides drinking water for the local people. If there is enough water we can attach a second slightly smaller water tank to each exiting one, to fill the second tank with the overflow from the first one.

The other ongoing project is to build more apartment buildings and use the rental income for the following:

1.)  Pay for schooling for children whose parents cannot pay for primary education.

2.)  Set up a scholarship fund for selected 8th grade (age 14 or so) graduates who cannot afford the cost of continuing to High School and College.

3.)  Create an contingency fund to pay for things such as medical emergencies, replacement of livestock if killed by the wild animals in the area.

4.)  Purchase fuel for the Endoinyo Erinka Clinic vehicle.

5.)  Set up a fund to replenish supplies and update equipment at the Endoinyo Erinka Clinic which was built by the Foundation.

In addition to these catchment systems and apartment buildings, we will continue to drill boreholes and water wells, build reservoirs and the myriad of miscellaneous things that come up on a regular basis. 

Paid for several children to attend primary school when their father died at a young age.

Installed a solar system on a house to provide electricity and heat for the family. The family had been quoted $35,000 to put in electricity which is 30 years salary. Now they have light and heat.

South Africa:
Installed a water well for public use in the home of a family of 8 where there was no water previously.  This water has now been used not only for “normal” use but to grow a garden of vegetables – primarily spinach, corn and kale.  Also a flush toilet was able to be installed. 

The Foundation is presently funding a young woman in University, and also paying for her accommodation – she is studying tourism management and  has 2 years left to go in University.

The Foundation was made aware of a 28 years old man who was surprisingly diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Neither he nor his father had income for treatment and the place where he worked did not provide health care.  Having to wait weeks or months for treatment to start in the government hospitals would probably have cost him his life. The Foundation funded his care and in April 2015 he was told that he is in full remission.

The Foundation is paying for education for a young woman in University and the first year she was funded by the Foundation at a school for gifted students she was awarded the title of Best Student in Southern Zambia.

The Foundation is funding a family whose mother died, the father works, but has insufficient income to provide for school and health costs and recently when the father attended the funeral of his mother his house was robbed of everything in it. So the Foundation paid for new mattresses, school uniforms for the children and other items necessary for normal day to day living.

The Foundation was made aware of a safari guide whose children could not attend the local school – which had over 1000 students and ONE teacher due to no funding by the government – and he indicated that if he could qualify for a job as a WALKING safari guide he could fund his children at a private school.  To accomplish that he had to take a several months long course but could not even be admitted to that until he showed that he had a rifle – necessary for all walking safari guides. The Foundation bought him the rifle and within six months he had his license and is now able to provide all normal living expenses for his family.

The Foundation was made aware of a12 years old boy who suffered a massive electrocution, accidentally, at school.  He was in danger of dying and when his father had spent all of his $6000 in savings, there was still another amount needed for treatment to continue.  Foundation provided the funds and after five more months the young boy is now healthy and given the all clear.

The Foundation paid for hospitalization for a woman due to give birth to twins who had not been able to afford any pre-natal care.  She and her husband and one infant son rented one bedroom in a private house with a shared bathroom and kitchen and there was no money for anything other than minimal needs.  She had a healthy delivery.


We were in contact with a 24 years old man who we discovered was the sole financial support for his parents and three siblings. He was driving a tuk tuk but paid $80 a month to lease it, making his income insufficient to support and feed six people.  Our Foundation bought a new tuk tuk for him and now, without having to pay to lease a tuk tuk in a country where $300-$500USD is considered "middle income", his income is going much farther to help feed this family of six.